The annual exam is the time when you can speak to Dr. Bone and his technicians about any concerns you have regarding your pet's health and behavior. Each appointment at our clinic is given a minimum of 30 minutes, and we have separate exam rooms for small dogs, large dogs, and cats. Weight and diet will be discussed and appropriate vaccines and lab tests (including heartworm and stool tests) will be determined at the time of the appointment, as these will vary depending on age, breed, lifestyle, and environment.

During the examination, skin condition and hair coat will be assessed, along with the ears and feet. The oral exam will check for lesions or inflammation in the mouth and, determine whether dentistry is needed. All lymph nodes will be checked for irregularities. The abdomen will be fully palpated to make sure all organs are normal in size, shape, and location. The chest is auscultated to determine heart murmurs and breathing abnormalities. Older male dogs will have a rectal examination performed to check for prostate issues. If your pet is determined to be healthy, any vaccines that are due will be given as well as recommendations regarding heartworm and flea prevention.